6med - Personal Statement Review Service 2018

If you're applying to study Medicine and would like to submit your Personal Statement to our Review service, you're in the right place. Your reviewers are medical students attending top UK universities.

Update: As the UCAS deadline is near, we hope to provide a review within 48 hours. If you need it more urgently (24hrs), please submit the form twice (payment £40) and put "Express service" in the Additional comments box. If you submit this weekend, we guarantee a refund if you don't receive your review by Monday 12pm.

Submit your details and Personal Statement here. On the next page, you'll be asked to submit a payment of £20*.
Please use the additional comments box for any extra requests and we'll try to take them into account.
(e.g. to look at a particular paragraph; to request a certain reviewer if this is your second review; etc.)
If you want to contact us about the service, or haven't heard back in a week, drop us an email at 6medhq@gmail.com :)

NB. There are many free options for getting advice on your Personal Statement - you should use these options first if they are available! UCAS advisors, careers advisors, teachers, parents, family friends (especially any doctors/medical students). We simply provide this service for those who don't have access to high quality advice from these options, or wish to add that extra layer of peace of mind.

*Although, see our bursary page - if you have qualified for a course bursary or Ninja bursary, you'll only pay £5/review.